I’m grateful to be living a dream of constant creation, and I truly put my heart and soul into everything I do. Ever since my very first memories art has been a way of life for me. I breathe it everyday. I always knew I would be doing something with my passion but I never had any idea I’d be fortunate enough to be doing what I am today, creating for a living/living to create. I’m inspired by the earth and sky, by color and design, and I want to project the beauty of nature’s design and synchronicity in my work. I want people to see the beauty I see in this world, to feel it, to live presently in it, and to hopefully in turn respect it.

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Join Sweet Melis and explore ways to find and gather inspiration for your artwork. Receive a run-down on an array of mediums and materials including basic tips on getting started. Learn about design fundamentals and discover ways to bring creation into your own life.

Earth Night Daytime Workshop Series
Saturday – 12.16.17 – Concord Music Hall