Earth Night 2017: Daytime Workshop Series

This December, Earth Night makes its Chicago debut and is excited to announce a full day of community, talks, art, and workshops with members of the Earth Night family at the Concord Music Hall.
We look forward to this opportunity this year in Chicago.
Full schedule and details TBA!

CROWD OUT LOUD! // Anthony Thogmartin (Papadosio, Seed to Stage,EarthCry)
Join Anthony and create live music using various MIDI controllers, grid controllers, synths, and other equipment that will culminate into a finished electronic improvisational piece featuring YOU! Any and all are welcome, no musical background required. This is a first time attempt at an entirely new way of crowd sourced music creation with a realtime hands on approach. The finished performance will be released and proceeds will help benefit a community or project in need.

IMAGERY IN COMPOSITION // Sam Brouse (Papadosio)
Join Sam Brouse as he composes a song and discusses the use of imagery and other techniques in his “musical paintings”.

DEFENSE AGAINST THE DARK ARTS // Jason Takahashi (Earth Night, Papadosio)
Earth Night founder Jason Takahashi unpacks the myriad dark forces of the moment and explores ways to individually and collectively respond.

FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS // Morgan Mandala & Randal Roberts Art
Slideshow, talk, and Q & A about Visionary & Psychedelic Art, and the personal journeys of artists Randal Roberts and Morgan Mandala.

Join Sweet Melis and explore ways to find and gather inspiration for your artwork. Receive a run-down on an array of mediums and materials including basic tips on getting started. Learn about design fundamentals and discover ways to bring creation into your own life.

HONOR THE PAUSE YIN ASANA // Lauren Weinstein (Elevated Intentions)
As the Winter Solstice approaches, an auspicious shift in daylight, we are gradually transitioning to the most yin time of year; evident in our physical motions and atmosphere. A style of yoga helps harmonize this essence: yin.

Join us for an ambient flow comprised of soft, sustained shapes that help guide the mind toward equilibrium as we slow down; an opportunity for inward reflection as nature is in her resting season. For this sequence, we will aim to reverse physical stagnation, fatigue and sluggish immune systems that the long days can often cause.

PURSUIT OF PASSION // Jake Ottman (Papadosio)
Join Jake Ottmann – founder of Grizzly Management – as he talks about his passion for music & discusses the events that led him to his primary work: managing Papadosio. Become inspired to follow your heart, and create the confidence that you need in order to succeed. There will be a short Q+ A afterward, so if you have any questions please bring them with you!

As well as a discussion w/ Advocates of Change founders Kevin O’Neill and Casey Marie Papp.

Stay tuned for full schedule and details!
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